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Do you smell it? Do you smell the challenge?
prettyshiny wrote in happyunendings
So Much for My Happy Ending Challenge

The beauty of being fen, of being fanfic writers, is that the ending is never really and truly the ending. Not for us. Not if you have a computer, an active imagination, and (God willing) a plucky beta reader. There can still be canon-compliant fanfic, but no one ever said AUs were a bad thing.

Well, no one that would have any interest in this challenge, at any rate.

So grab your computer and your favorite author, and come play! Who says that so-and-so has to stay dead? That Harry wouldn’t have been the one whose affections Ron was craving? Or who knows what else...

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

Write the epilogue of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows over, in the writing style of one of the authors listed below. You can keep the plot the same as Rowling wrote it, or have changed key elements. It’s all good, so long as the epilogue/last chapter you write is in the style of your chosen author.

Pick a writer from the list below, or comment with one of your own. Then have at it!

The Rules (because there always have to be some):

1. All claims must be made by August 17, 2007.

2. All endings must be posted by September 17, 2007.

3. Only one claim per style. I’ll mark them off on the list as they’re claimed. The only exception to this rule is if the chosen author wrote in a language other than English. I’ll allow one ending in English and one ending in the author’s native language. (Translations would be awesome, but not required)

4. If you chose an author not on the list, they must be a published author (not vanity press).

5. If you are a published author, you can’t pick yourself. It’s just not fair to the people trying to emulate Kafka, you know?

6. Cross-posting of endings is allowed, just please mention the challenge when you do.

And now, the list:

Maya Angelou
Ray Bradbury
Terry Brooks
Lewis Carol
Jackie Collins
Robin Cook
e. e. cummings
Charles Dickens
T.S. Eliot Claimed by freckles42
Neil Gaiman Claimed by crow_z
John Grisham
Laurell K. Hamilton Claimed by diurnal_lee
Robert A. Heinlein Claimed by tamchronin
Robert Jordan
Franz Kafka
Jack Kerouac
Stephen King Claimed by green78
Rudyard Kipling Claimed by asphodel_ale
Louis L'amour
H.P. Lovecraft
Anne McCaffrey
Chuck Palahniuk
Michael Palmer
Dorothy Parker
Elizabeth Peters
Sylvia Plath
Nora Roberts
Dr. Seuss Claimed by nedsagirl
Shel Silverstein
Danielle Steele
J.R.R. Tolkien
Mark Twain
Kurt Vonnegut
H.G. Wells
Kathleen Woodiwiss

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Oh! Oh! I'm very tempted to claim Dr. Seuss or Shel Silverstein...very very tempted...but I'd very much like to start this ball rolling with Robert A. Heinlein if you don't mind. ^_^ This is an excellent idea!

May I have Laurell K. Hamilton, please?

May I have Rudyard Kipling, please?

Added and marked! Have fun!

Quick Question about Rule 4

Quick question about rule #4. Should the author be a fiction writer? Can it be one that writes non-fiction such as David McCullough, Larry Gonick, Steven Johnson or Adrian Tinniswood?

Re: Quick Question about Rule 4

That's what I was originally thinking, but there are several excellent nonfiction authors with distinctive styles. Go for it, if that's what tickles your noodle!

I'd like to claim T. S. Eliot, please. I think I just discovered a new way to pass my days.

e. e. cummings called my name but Eliot is my first true love.

(Deleted comment)
I bet you would, you dirty, dirty woman. ;D

I would love to write an ending in Gaiman's style if he is still available :-)

STEPHEN KING! Pleeeaaassseee let me do Stephen King? I was gonna do Lewis Carroll, but when I saw the King of Horror's name... *thinks of all the evil epilogue possibilities...*

Why hello there! Of course you can have King! Oh, and don't forget to join/watch the comm, in case I make any maintenance posts. *squishy huggy squish*


I saw the challenge and thought it looked interesting, then saw ee cummings on the list and was hugely amused by my ideas of what he'd come up with, and in turn came up with this which is a rather short poem that doesn't really fit the challenge, but I thought deserved a mention since, y'know, the challenge inspired it and all. xD;;

Not, I think, officially claiming anyone. ;;; Sorry. I might come back to this later, if I have time.

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