Manifest Destiny
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Well, here it is.

Title: Manifest Destiny

Writer's Style: Kipling--Poetry

Warnings: Muggle-bashing. Mention of character death, Unforgivables, and squicky pairings. Gen.

Rating: No higher than K+, I think.

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Do you smell it? Do you smell the challenge?
So Much for My Happy Ending Challenge

The beauty of being fen, of being fanfic writers, is that the ending is never really and truly the ending. Not for us. Not if you have a computer, an active imagination, and (God willing) a plucky beta reader. There can still be canon-compliant fanfic, but no one ever said AUs were a bad thing.

Well, no one that would have any interest in this challenge, at any rate.

So grab your computer and your favorite author, and come play! Who says that so-and-so has to stay dead? That Harry wouldn’t have been the one whose affections Ron was craving? Or who knows what else...

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

Write the epilogue of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows over, in the writing style of one of the authors listed below. You can keep the plot the same as Rowling wrote it, or have changed key elements. It’s all good, so long as the epilogue/last chapter you write is in the style of your chosen author.

Pick a writer from the list below, or comment with one of your own. Then have at it!

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